New Prato:
Innovative project

Smart ICT infrastructures

The Smart ICT Infrastructures section consists of projects tied to the development of technological infrastructure (hardware and software) that supports and enables the Smart City creation processes.
These are wide-ranging projects about different aspects: development of telecommunications, promotion of advanced ICT platforms, promotion of Open Data and Big Data, and development of soft infrastructure such as the Smart Living Labs, which support the processes of creative and collaborative participation between the citizens/stakeholders and the local government.
The survey carried out in Prato identified 19 projects altogether (ongoing or already completed), 4 by the local government and 8 by investee companies. It also identified 2 initiatives (activities in the design phase) by investee companies. There were, in addition, 4 projects which, while not originating from the specific context of ICT infrastructure, have an important impact on this sector: 1 managed by the local government and 3 by investee companies.

The issues they address concern in particular the following aspects: Wi-Fi hotspots in public areas, wiring and installation of network equipment in primary and intermediate schools in the municipal area, Wi-Fi access for schools, creation of a MAN type infrastructure between schools, integration of the city's video surveillance system, GPON technology for internet access, video surveillance systems for schools, wireless network at the hospital Casa di Cura Villa Fiorita, e-learning platforms for the school network, video surveillance network to monitor waste dumping, fibre optic network at the Interport, and innovative remote meter reading systems.