New Prato:
Innovative project

Smart mobility

The Smart Mobility section consists of "intelligent mobility" projects and activities developed locally with the support of technological infrastructure: local public and private transport solutions, alternative mobility, and mobility management systems. The survey carried out in Prato identified 10 projects altogether (ongoing or already concluded), 4 by the local government and 6 by companies, as well as 5 initiatives that are in the design phase. In addition, there are other projects and initiatives, ongoing or in the design phase, which, while not directly generated in the specific context of mobility, have achieved significant results in this sector.

The issues addressed concern in particular the following aspects: realization of an integrated mobility system to be designed partly through traffic monitoring, implementation of car-sharing services, creation of integrated mobility tools (smart georeferenced itineraries, integrated electronic ticketing, bus stops with smart information panels), and development of an alternative to cars through the construction of cycle/pedestrian connections.

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