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Smart environment

The Smart Environment section consists of projects and activities tied to local sustainable development: reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, optimization of energy use and rationalization of consumption, waste reduction, management of drainage systems and water treatment, promotion and management of urban green spaces and requalification of abandoned areas. The survey carried out in Prato identified 37 projects (ongoing or already completed), 4 by the local government and 33 by companies, as well as 20 initiatives that are in the design phase. In addition, there are other projects and initiatives, ongoing or in the design phase, which, while not directly generated in the specific context of the environment, have achieved significant results in this sector.

The issues these projects address concern in particular the following aspects: Smart Grid systems for the reduction of energy consumption and the introduction of renewable energy sources, innovative energy management contracts, waste management, energy efficiency and environmental remediation in the public construction sector, management of thermal systems, recovery and reuse of wastewater, street and urban lighting system, support to Chinese companies in the disposal of textile waste, environmental education, design of public green areas, reuse of pruning waste, asbestos remediation, management and monitoring of the water supply system, on-roof PV systems, and environmentally-friendly asphalt.

Recycling of Textile Waste
In addition, there are applied research projects aiming to identify alternative systems to the landfill disposal of textile waste, starting with sorting waste so as to end up with material that is as homogeneous as possible. These initiatives have involved experiments in the recovery of materials - for example with the production of insulation materials for the building industry (a component was made for the thermal insulation used in EPP, a public housing building in S.Giusto, near Prato) - or in energy recovery, through the different direct combustion and pyrolysis heat treatment technologies that are available.

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