Places in Prato:

Leonetto Tintori House Museum

The House of the internationally famous artist and restorer

The Vainella Fresco Workshop was created in 1983 by Leonetto Tintori, an internationally renowned restorer who worked on the most famous medieval and modern frescoes. Tintori was also an esteemed artist, known for his paintings and ceramics.
When he was still alive, he donated his house to the city of Prato - the Vainella studio, immersed in the countryside of Figline di Prato. That cultural asset was meant to carry on the teaching of fresco painting and ceramics: to this end he set up and directed a workshop along the lines of an old art workshop.
Today Vainella is the seat of the Fresco Workshop Association that, following in Leonetto's footsteps, provides educational and vocational activities.
In its modern teaching rooms, students can learn different techniques of mural painting such as Fresco, Encausto and Scagliola. The studio also offers personalized courses in artistic Ceramics of different duration and difficulty.

Through art and art-therapy experiences, Vainella helps organizations that help young people who are disadvantaged or have psychological-social disorders.
The Vainella house and park are a wonderful natural setting and a museum facility holding a large collection of old and modern works belonging to our benefactor.
Many of his sculptures, arranged in a sensorial itinerary (involving touch, hearing and smell), can also be enjoyed by blind or visually-impaired visitors.
Tintori was an artist who was very sensitive to the pain and hardships of everyday life; his donation has taught us that love for art and nature helps to improve the quality of life.
The house-museum is open on appointment; guided visits can be arranged in combination with educational workshops.