Places in Prato:

Cathedral Museum

A striking museum collection

The Museum of the Opera del Duomo was founded to house a number of works connected with the Cathedral and with the cult of the Holy Belt. It was inaugurated in 1967 in two rooms between the square and the Romanesque cloister, and it was expanded in the following decade to accommodate works from churches in the diocese and the prestigious reliefs of the pulpit by Donatello (removed from the exterior in 1970, to ensure their preservation). In 1980 the "Vaults" under the transept of the Cathedral were connected to the museum, and in 1993-96 the different sections were re-organized into a single, structured itinerary.

Museum itinerary
A visit to the museum begins in rooms of the ancient Palazzo dei Proposti or Bishop's Palace, continues around the Romanesque cloister and ends up in the "Vaults" under the Cathedral.