New Prato:
Green city

Preparing for the Urban Center

Saturday 29 May 2021, 11.00 am
Preparing for the Urban Center

Places of relationship between citizenship, administration and urban planners, places in which to review, think and co-plan the future of cities, urban centers are central places and metaphor of a contemporary urban community that is attentive, informed, participatory and aware. What will be the role and activities of the new Prato urban center? What possibilities of contamination with art will there be, also given its location within the Pecci Center?


Tobias Rehberger, artist of German origin, great experimenter attentive to the transformation processes of the places in which he realizes his works - ranging from painting, sculpture, architecture, action art, video, design -, works that denote a great constructive capacity and at the same time an ironic and irreverent aspect;
Cristiana Perrella, Director of the "Luigi Pecci" Center for Contemporary Art;
Fosbury Architecture, architectural research and design collective;
José-Manuel Gonçalves, Director of CENTQUATRE-PARIS;
Elisa Catteneo, professor at the Polytechnic of Turin, Landscape Architect;
Mario Cristiani, President of the Associazione Arte Continua;
Lorenza Baroncelli, Artistic Director of the Milan Triennale;
Olivia Gori and Emanuele Barili, Ecòl

Eliseba Guarducci, Order of Architects PPC Province of Prato