New Prato:
Green city

Public art and urban regeneration

Saturday 30 January 2021, 11.00 am
Public art and urban regeneration

We live in a global perspective of demographic increase and progressive urbanization, a perspective in which, as the time that people will be able to spend in close contact with nature is increasingly reduced, the theme of the quality of urban planning, architecture and urban art. How can the cities of the future be welcoming and culturally stimulating, not only for the activities that can be carried out there, but for the way in which the spaces are organized, for the quality of the architecture and for the possibility of enjoying public art ? What kind of virtuous relationship should be established between the community, its administrators, urban planning and architecture professionals and artists?


Daniel Buren, internationally renowned French artist
Lucrezia Reichlin, economist and lecturer at the London Business School;
Michelangelo Giombini, Head of product development Manifattura Tabacchi;
Mario Cristiani, President of the Associazione Arte Continua APS;
Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, economist and President of the Foundation for Contemporary Arts in Tuscany;
Guido Poccianti, Managing Director of EcoLegacy;
Stefano Pezzato, Head of Collections and Archives "Luigi Pecci" Center for Contemporary Art

Simone Mangani, Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Prato