New Prato:
Green city

The circular economy

Saturday 27 March 2021, 11.00 am
The circular economy:
the challenge of reusing materials for the circular economy and the contribution of art

Starting from the context of economic globalization, characterized by growth in consumption, scarcity of resources and increasing production of waste, he will discuss the possible development horizons for companies, the possible actions of public administrations and the role of contemporary art in raising awareness and stimulating the population to foster a new awareness of the potential inherent in the circular economy.

David Tremlett, artist, known for his polychromies on large surfaces made with the so-called “wall drawing” technique, aimed at redefining painted objects and their placement in space; he has exhibited in the most important contemporary art museums in the world, including at the Pecci Center in Prato in 2006, and his permanent interventions are visible on the walls of important museums, public and private buildings and places of worship.
Matteo and Marco Mantellassi, Manteco spa;
Guido Guerzoni, Bocconi University of Milan;
Alessandro Colombo, Artistic Director of the Recò Festival;
Alessandro Brogi, President of G.I.D.A. spa; Mario Cristiani, President of the Associazione Arte Continua APS;
Stefano Pezzato, Head of Collections and Archives "Luigi Pecci" Center for Contemporary Art;
Fabia Romagnoli, Sustainability Delegate of the Confindustria Toscana Nord Presidency;

Moderator: Valerio Barberis, Councilor for Urban Planning of the Municipality of Prato