New Prato:
Green city

The industrial district: reality and perspectives

Saturday 30 January 2021, 11.00 am
The industrial district:
reality and perspectives of the economic and social fabric

The "industrial district", a set of SMEs that is structured around a production chain, still characterizes Italy but is going through a crisis due to globalization and needs a rethinking, which involves not only the production activity, but also the identity and social cohesion of the whole community. How can the PA, trade associations, credit institutions support businesses and encourage innovation? And what role can contemporary art play in bringing out the needs and in accompanying and encouraging this transition?

Loris Cecchini, artist
Francesco Marini, North Tuscany Confindustria Association
Eliano Lodesani, Director of Banca Fideuram spa
Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, President of the Foundation for Contemporary Arts in Tuscany
Mario Cristiani, President of the Associazione Arte Continua APS
Stefano Pezzato, Head of Collections and Archives "Luigi Pecci" Center for Contemporary Art

Benedetta Squittieri, Councilor for Economic Development of the Municipality of Prato