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Chinese New Year

Capodanno cinese

Chinese New Year is celebrated by millions of people around the world

Chinese New Year (also called Spring Festival), celebrated by millions of people around the world, does not have a predetermined date.

Since the traditional Chinese calendar is lunisolar, the beginning of the month is indicated by the new moon: depending on the moon, the months (and consequently New Year) can undergo a variation of more or less 29 days.

Chinese New Year must coincide with the second new moon after the winter solstice: consequently this date, following the Gregorian calendar, falls between January 21 and February 19.

New Year celebrations last two weeks. The private dimension is joined by numerous public initiatives that culminate on the fifteenth day after the beginning of the new year in the Lantern Festival, with lanterns placed in the street, houses and shops.

The Lion Dance is also very famous, with dancers who move lions of different sizes, dancing to the rhythm of music through the streets of the cities. The lion is a symbolic choice, because it is associated with strength and courage so has the meaning of offering happiness and security for the new year.

Capodanno cinese