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What is autism?

The question is very trivial, but not everyone knows how to answer, and unfortunately there are so many inaccuracies and clichés about Autistic Disorder.. Autism is a disorder of neurobiological development, it is not a disease.
It is a spectrum of disorders ( autistic spectrum) in which different disorders are included.

Spectrum condition means that everyone shows different levels and characteristics; no autistic experience, therefore, is an autistic experience in the same way.
It is possible to schematize the spectrum as follows: br>

Low-functioning autism_______High-functioning autism


Now, let's imagine all the autistic people somewhere on this spectrum; each subject is different from the other, but let's try to understand better. People with low-functioning autism often fail to make eye contact or communicate verbally and may need high levels of support and often have physical disabilities. Instead, people with high-functioning autism can hold a conversation and perform certain tasks independently. They may need more time to process what is being said and what is happening.
The surrounding world is different from the common one; it is a chaos seen and read with alternative codes and perspectives.

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