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Prato experiences 5G


It starts from Prato the experiment to equip Italy with the 5th-generation mobile technology

The 5G is a 5th-generation mobile technology that allows you to create innovative services that will deeply change the way people live and move around and the companies production. It is the internet to run intelligent objects in many fields, from health to energy, from automotive to industry 4.0 and security.
The super fast internet that opens up development opportunities in many other fields has an enormous potential that can be a growth flywheel for the productive system of companies in the Prato District. The European Commission has prepared an Action Plan for the 5G and invited the Member States to identify by 2018 at least one city to start experimenting with the 5G. With its own action plan, in advance of the roadmap of the Action Plan, on the 16th of March 2017, the Ministry of Economic Development issued a notice launching the trial of 5G in 5 Italian cities: the metropolitan area of Milan, Prato, L'Aquila, Bari and Matera.
The call is aimed at TLC operators which, together with other national and international subjects, universities, research institutions and centers, want to experience services with 5G technology.

Involvement of local SMEs, startups and public institutions is encouraged. The challenge of the Italian government is to nominate Italy as a point of reference for the creation of products and services that take advantage of the 5G technology. Experimentation and parallel work on the ultra-wide bandwidth will allow to replicate across the country what will be experienced in the 5 cities. Three are the lots for which it is possible to present the projects: the first concerns the territory of the metropolitan city of Milan, the second will include the cities of Prato and L'Aquila, the third Bari and Matera. Applications may be submitted by the 12th of June; by the 14th of July will be selected the projects that start at the end of the year. The experiment will last until 2020.
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