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Binario di scambio - University Theater Company

Recognized since August 2014 Theater Company of Florence University, Binario di Scambio is a specific scientific and educative activity of experimental nature. Founded by Teresa Megale in the academic year 2006-2007, it is a permanent creative workshop which brings together people from different ages and experiences to exploit their artistic inclinations and talents. Leading the group over the years were the directors Cristina Pezzoli, Alessio Pizzech, Fabio Cocifoglia. The company has attracted much interest and was nominated to participate in various events, collaborating with the Pergola Theatre, the International Festival of the Roman Theater in Volterra, Officina Giovani in the town of Prato, Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo, Firenze dei Teatri, Radio 3. It participated in the second edition of the International Festival of University Theater of Benevento UNIVERSOTEATRO. For the project of artistic residence RI-NASCITE at Officina Giovani, realized in 2012-2013 with the City of Prato, promoted and supported by the Department of Youth-Presidency of the Council of Ministers and by ANCI, the company has been awarded with the prize 'Cultura di Gestione 2014 ' by Federculture.

The report of the artistic residence has converged in the book "University Theater Contexts", edited by Teresa Megale. Among the projects in the last three years we note the artistic collaboration with the Archival Superintendency of Tuscany, the Museum of Natural History in Florence and the Palazzo Pretorio Museum of Prato. During 2016 the company has been engaged in 'Cervantes 1616-2016' project, dedicated to Don Chisciotte by Miguel de Cervantes, divided into a series of conferences and in the show "The blunders’ machine" which debuted in collaboration with Metastasio Theater in Prato.

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