Living in Prato :
Centers of culture


The Affetti Collaterali are difficult to unstuck off, especially because no one wants to do it: to be infected by this irrepressible disease the address is Via di Vergaio 63 / B. Its name is KolAm. It 's similar to the imaginary Island. From the outside you would not say that inside of that shed there is a Theatre with a School> School of Theatre, Martial Arts School (Taiji Quan), Burlesque, Ballet, aerial fabrics and the new born Rock School for Children. Instead there is, and it is good that there is, because at Kolam is expressed love for life together with a flock of free people thrown in search of smiles and strong images, able to break the chains of these gray days, "to leave the valley of shadow", vigorous alone, solid in the union of a skilled and flexible group that supports each other, to raise the only banner that does not discriminate anyone, nor for culture, skin or skills, the flag of making art that at the Kolam finds expression and harmony.

The Kolam exists because art exists, and art exists because it comes from the need for independence and freedom of people. And every Monday afternoon, from the Rock School, enter and leave kids happy to have discovered the music and who were Pink Floyd and who, at home, will be able to browse among parents' records.
The word Kolam indicates an Indian art form practiced by women. Drawings with white and colored rice flour, lines that intertwine and ask the benevolent deities to protect the house, indicating the devotion of its inhabitants. And it is an evolving design, as are the evolving activities of the space. Each type of practiced art is functional to the development of emotional, physical and creative skills, to give shape to the individual abilities in a space suitable to host them, that does not judge but merely observe and, if necessary, shepherd.

Inside the space is a stage of 18 x 12 meters, equipped with lights and phonic bench, that make it suitable for theatre performances, as exposure room for videos, cinema and photographic studio. Manager of the school and mother of the situation is Monica Bucciantini, who relies on teachers for each activity that the Kolam hosts.
Theatre Monica Bucciantini, actor-leader,
Contemporary and classical dance Francesco Mangiapane, Choreographer,
Burlesque Sonia Goti, Dancer and Choreographer,
Taiji Quan \ Martial Art Leonardo Ancona, Instructor,
Aerial Fabrics Gabriel Zoccola and Eleonora Valorz, instructors and dancers,
Rock School Folco Vinattieri, Alessia Masi and Federico Masi, Musicians.