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[chì-na] is a cultural association founded in 2014 by Cosimo Balestri (architect), Emanuele Barrels (architect), Luca Ficini (photographer), Alberto (architect and food designer) and Guido Gramigni (art historian).
[chì-na] was born from the desire to do something real and visible, to become active part of a wonderful idea, to create a platform to share and develop our passions and projects. We chose to be hosted in an abandoned industrial shed in Macrolotto 0, the Prato Chinatown. The purpose of [chì-na] is to study and analyze issues related to culture, in its broadest meaning, promoting them in a creative and multidisciplinary way.
During the first two years of activity [chì-na] has worked on various projects: the renovation of a portion of an industrial complex, the organization of numerous private events, design and construction of Piazza dell’Immaginario (Prato 2015), the realization of two exhibitions of architectural projects on Macrolotto 0, in collaboration with the University of Florence (UNIFI) and the University of Ferrara (UNIFE), the collaboration with the Centre for contemporary art Luigi Pecci for the event TU35 (Prato, 2015), and the organization of events on the occasion of the Chinese New Year celebration in Prato.

Recently [chì-na] hosted an international symposium and a workshop both part of 2016 edition of the Oslo Architecture Triennial, "After Belonging" and collaborated on the project TAI - Tuscan Art Industry SC17.

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