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Mediterraneo downtown

Mediterraneo downtown Prato

An event of information, political and cultural elaboration about the Mediterranean

Mediterraneo Downtown is a new and innovative event dedicated to contemporary Mediterranean, created and organized by Tuscan Region, Municipality of Prato, the non-profit organization COSPE in collaboration with Libera, Legambiente and Amnesty International. Protagonists are writers, intellectuals, artists, journalists, bloggers, public administrators, activists for human and civil rights, entrepreneurs, economists from all countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. "Voices" that find in the Festival the opportunity to communicate, exchange, process together, inspired by the vision of a Mediterranean as a "common house", the cradle of civilizations between East and West, where there is no more a North and a South, but a space of social, economic and political integration, rich in cultural exchanges.

The 2019 edition of Mediterraneo Downtown in Prato will take place from 5 to 7 April with international guests, photographic exhibitions, talk shows, books, cinema, theater and music and many new features.

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