Living in Prato :
Centers of culture


Lottozero/textile laboratories is an international centre of research, experimentation and networking in art, culture and textile design.
The centre has the dual objective of encouraging and facilitating the development of emerging talents in the fields of design and textile art and to revitalize this important and interesting textile district.
Lottozero includes a textile laboratory, a shared studio, a design office and a Kunsthalle.
The laboratory is equipped with machinery for experimentation and research; looms, sewing machines, and dyeing and screen printing tools. It is a "Textile Fab Lab" open to anyone who is interested, where one can share ideas and machinery for the design, production and dissemination of culture, manual skills and textile art.
The shared studio is a co-working place for those who cannot afford their own space or do not want to work by themselves. Here artisans, artists and designers work side by side, collaborate and co-design, as they share projects, ideas and a great kitchen.
The design office deals with research and creative consultancy for young designers and textile and fashion companies.

Through creative collaboration it helps to bring together young talents and established companies, to the benefit of both. It also operates as product manager for those in need of support in managing their production in Italy.
Kunsthalle is an exhibition space, a gallery/showroom open to the public to facilitate access to textile culture. The space is under the artistic curation of Lottozero, but it can also be used as a temporary showroom for showcasing a collection.
Lottozero contributes to enliven Prato's social and cultural scene with new ideas and visions by bringing to the city young creative talents from all over Europe who participate in the projects for periods ranging from a few weeks to 6 months.

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