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Buzzi Lab

Laboratory for analysis and industrial researches

Since the 19th century, Prato's textile industry has addressed the training of its own technicians with programmes designed for the local area. In 1886 the Royal School for Textile and Dyeing Companies was founded; today it has become the "Tullio Buzzi" Technical Institute. Over time, other areas of specialization have been added to the traditional textile sector: Mechanical engineering, Chemistry, Materials and Biotechnology, Electronics, Computer Technology, and Energy.
The best technicians of the local industry have come from the legendary "Buzzi" Institute and many of them have become successful entrepreneurs, key figures in Prato's wool district. "Buzzi" students, called "Pagliette" because of the famous straw hats they used to wear in the last century, have from the beginning enlivened the city's life with their noisy presence and with their commitment.

Buzzi, however, is not just a school to the people of Prato.
People in the industry are well acquainted with the importance of the Testing Laboratory that operates within the Institute.
An unusual laboratory, as it is located within a public school, yet at the complete service of private citizens, and with a long history of connection with the most important clothing industries. The most established brands in international fashion turn to the Buzzi testing laboratory to certify the quality of their productions, their respect for environmental criteria linked to manufacturing sustainability, wear tests, sealing and tension of all materials, and especially fine fibres. The laboratory also tests chemical products and dyes for fashion and leather goods.

In the Laboratory there is a special section with its own staff, reserved for a well-known brand of the Italian fashion industry.
Even given the traditional connection with the local textile industry, the wide-ranging availability of state-of-the-art equipment and the huge investments in sophisticated machinery have enabled the laboratory to operate in other industry sectors as well.
The Laboratory is recognized as being unique at an international level; with its 30 experts, it is undoubtedly a facility of excellence.

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